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Hi-T’s - Who we are.

  We are two mums who make fudge.  We did it to stop our children eating sweets filled with artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.  We have always baked for our children preferring them to eat home made food rather than shop bought processed food and making fudge was an extension of this premise. 

 The beginning Hi-T’s handmade fudge began in April 2006 and we very quickly realized that we were onto something good when we became the most popular people in the playground of our children’s school.  

We spent some time developing our range and experimenting with ingredients to produce what we feel is the definitive list of fudges available in 3 ranges; velvet which is made with milk and has a drier more crumbly texture; silk which is made with double cream and is smoother and richer and then indulgence made with clotted cream and is very rich, and creamy.  We have found that preferences are personal and everyone has a favourite.

 Our progress In September 2006 we exhibited at the Speciality and Fine Food Show at Olympia and found that we were not the only people who thought our fudge stood out amongst the competition. We had a very good show and picked up some very loyal customers.  It was also at this show that we discovered the Great Taste Awards; which we saw as an opportunity to see how good our fudge really was.  Our awards In 2007 we entered the Great Taste Awards and won a single gold star for our Strawberry and Clotted Cream Fudge and a triple gold star for our Traditional  Velvet Fudge which was accolade enough. However the Traditional Velvet went on to win The Best of the South East (as we were then), The Reserve Best English Speciality, the Reserve Best British Speciality and Reserve Supreme Champion; titles beyond our wildest dreams. We have continued this success into 2008 already receiving a gold award from Taste of the West for our Traditional Fudge.  Once again entering the Great Taste Awards 2008 and winning 2 single gold star awards for our Honey Velvet and Treacle Velvet Fudge and a triple gold star award for our Clotted Cream Indulgence Fudge. Our success Since April 2006 a number of things have changed in that we have both moved to the West Country and have found that the commitment to high quality produce and food here fits exactly with our own ideas.   We source as much as we can locally using Cornish clotted cream, West Country milk and butter and local ingredients such as honey wherever possible.   We also attend local farmer’s markets and food fairs as we believe strongly in the quality of food produced at these events. Our website business continues to grow as does our number of retail stockists across the South West and UK. 

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